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Since its inception in 1998 and its recognition as a “new word in the English language” in 2007, Diginomics as both a word and a conceptual trend has been published in a myriad of ways. Here are some samples (for a more complete list of users, go to our “Global Portfolio” page) …


First model

A couple of businessmen in Utah attempted to publish the first book bearing the name of “Diginomics.,” making connection with the phenomena of online social media. The book was never published.


DIGINOMICS : The Impact of Technology on Business by Patricio O’Gorman and Gabriel Foglia, University of Palermo (Spain)

Available in Spanish only, this book is still available on


“Diginomics” – Forbes magazine, July 24, 2008

First article published in a professional media publication.


Following is a compilation of books and magazines that have addressed this subject of cashless societydigital economicsdigitized lifestyles … etc. This is a sampling of what has been published over the years on this new world emerging of no money in the traditional sense and what lies ahead in its evolution.

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