Global Trending of a New Economic System.

Built for the future that’s fast approaching.

The future has already been determined. The building blocks are now being placed. A new era is emerging on the world scene that is irreversible and … yes … inevitable.

The all-digital economy is here and is expanding to ultimately replace all tangible currency. In today’s transitions, the only question that remains is: When will the total transformation take place?

Always-Connected & Always-On Conscious Living.

The new Diginomic Era transforms everything from analog-slow to digital light-speed. Welcome to an age where life itself moves at the speed of thought!

About the Author

Wallace Wood has been a news research journalist, author, speaker and broadcaster since the early-’70s. He first coined the term “diginomics” in 1998 for “digital economics.”

Today, the term is globally recognized in articles, books, college courses, conferences, online dictionaries, websites and a number of marketing and public policy campaigns.

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